Yoga in the workplace

YOGA IN THE WORKPLACE provides staff the opportunity to improve their overall health and wellbeing. I have provided weekly yoga within the workplace since 2011 and developed strong connections with participants, providing personalised care in meeting their physical and mental health needs.

The direct benefits for staff, include:

  • Improves overall physical and mental health
  • Improves concentration
  • Releases physical tension in areas such as the back, neck and shoulders
  • Reduces the risk of developing work-related injuries from repetitive motion
  • Builds physical strength
  • Reduces stress and improves sleep
  • Improves posture and flexibility
  • Improves overall mood and outlook

The benefits for the organisation and employer, include:

  • Educates staff on stress management tools directly affecting their capacity to cope with work related pressures
  • Improves productivity and efficiency
  • Reduces employee sick days
  • Improves employee morale and job satisfaction, resulting in less staff turnover
  • Makes the company more attractive to potential employees
  • Improves company and individual employee performance

Classes are usually 45min, 1hr or 1.25min at lunch time or after work.

Sessions include a well rounded yoga practice suitable for all levels and experience.

Classes range from $100 to $150 depending on the number of participants and length of class.

To find out more information or book a session contact me on 0433 891 775 or

The exercises are excellent and have helped with counteracting wrist pain from data entry/mouse use, shoulders & lower back pain from slouching at a computer.

Staff Member – Cordell

The variety of Ingrid’s classes keep the staff on their toes. They always feel rejuvenated and refreshed after the yoga classes.

Staff Member – Australia Ballet / Arts Centre