Through MENTORING I share my direct experience, passion and ideas in running a small mindful business. I developed my yoga business in 2011 which has become very successful and continues to grow. The processes of developing my own yoga business has been highly fulfilling and also inspires me to grow and challenge myself on a personal level. I had my own mentor in the early stages of setting up my business and found this to be extremely valuable and contributed to the success in establishing my business.

Mentoring involves the following:

  • Assistance in clarifying intentions and developing clear goals, objectives and actions
  • General business planning and sharing of practical ideas
  • Emotional and practical support
  • Problem solving
  • General support to deliver a business that is in line with your vision
  • Advising on marketing and promotion
  • I offer advice and support around networking; yoga teaching related questions; financials etc.

I see people for mentoring sessions at Gertrude St Yoga Studio or Dance of Life Yoga Studio in Fitzroy or via Zoom.


The cost can range from $100 to $150 for an individual depending on the location and duration of the appointment. Please contact me for a quote.

For further details please email me directly at or 0433 891 775.