Prenatal Yoga

PRENATAL YOGA supports women mentally and physically through their pregnancy and assists in preparing them for birth. Classes include flowing movement and modified postures using props to support mums and growing bubs.  Furthermore, breathing techniques, pelvic floor exercises and deep relaxation are incorporate to sensitively support women to achieve an empowered and joyful pregnancy and birthing experience. These classes provide pregnant women the opportunity to find a balance of strength and surrender in body, mind, heart and spirit.

The benefits:

  • Build connection with your growing baby as you prepare the body & mind for birth & motherhood
  • Learn breathing exercises for during pregnancy and labour to assist with relaxation and pain management
  • Reduce stress and tension in the body
  • Build strength and stamina for childbirth
  • Build body awareness, tuning in to your physical and emotional needs
  • Connect with other pregnant woman for emotional support
  • Feel invigorated, refreshed & relaxed

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I love that it forced me to really take stock for an hour, breathe and relax. I used a lot of the breathing and pain tolerance techniques discussed in the classes during labour, and achieved a drug free, natural birth because of it.

Genevieve (Student at Kozen Yoga)

I just love the time to stop, breathe and connect with my baby and to remain strong, yet flexible for birth. I’m a chiropractor and recommend all my pregnant clients do prenatal yoga.

Bianca (Student at Kozen Yoga)